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An automatic MP3 metadata resolver to help you organize your music files

electronutsie - January 6, 2020
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Transferring music between devices can be a complicated matter. If the media player you are using organizes MP3 tracks using tags, you might experience some difficulties. If the tags of your music files are messed up, many of your songs will have their data read incorrectly or not read at all. That is where taghycardia steps in!

taghycardia is a free-to-use program that can resolve faulty metadata in your music folders to make them easily accessible on your mobile devices. There are many different ways you can use this program and it offers several functionalities.

First of all, it offers to fix broken tags on your MP3 files. This makes sure that the file's metadata matches the proper artist, album, genre, etc. It can also be used simply as a diagnostic tool to report everything you should change. Also, you can use taghycardia to automatically fix cover art for all songs in a specific folder.

It uses both online and offline data to find the proper album cover. On the other hand, you can also use it to strip MP3 files of its embedded images, saving space on your device. At last, it can be used to automatically download lyrics for your song and embed it into the file's tags for reading while the song plays.

The design of the program is quite simple. First, you choose the root folder of your music collection and press the Go button to process all songs under this folder. There are buttons to remove cover art, generate a playlist, or to Apply the changes you want to implement. You can set up exactly what you want to do in Settings or by interacting with the log on the screen. If you feel confused, their website pretty much covers everything you need to know!

• Free to use
• Offers a simple automated task which would take hours to do manually
• Many ways to interact with the outcome
• Can be a bit difficult to use at times
• The user interface is outdated
• Doesn't really offer anything revolutionary


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